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Lowes Canada


Canadiana offers a great line of snow throwers ranging from compact single stage to a large frame dual stage. When shopping for a new snow thrower here are some to consider.

Single Stage or Dual Stage

Small framed snow throwers, know as single stage, are propelled by the operator with the assistance of the auger. The auger moves quickly to remove snow and throw it up through the chute. The single stage snow thrower is able to clear snow down to the pavement. Single stage snow throwers should only be used for clearing light to medium snow falls and used on paved surfaces.

Large frame snow blowers, known as dual stage, are self-propelled with an auger and impeller to remove snow. The auger and impeller, with the power of the engine, remove more snow faster by chewing up snow and ice then throwing it through the chute. Dual stage snow blowers are great for handling all types of snow on any surface.

Why Engines Matter

The Briggs & Stratton Snow Series™ engines are great for giving the power that is required to handle snow blowing. Reliable and easy to start even in the coldest weather conditions, the Briggs & Stratton snow engines are designed to deliver the power you’ll need to blow even heavy, wet snow.

Additional features to consider

  • Free Hand™ control
  • Trigger Steering
  • Dash mounted chute controls